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My Therapeutic Approach

      Life includes so many obstacles. Obstacles that are often hard to confront, and some may even seem impossible to overcome. I provide a safe, nonjudgmental space where you can explore the hard things that you are faced with. I act as a partner with you as you move toward positive change in your life.

      I see every patient as an individual, not a label or diagnosis. My therapeutic approach fluctuates in an effort to meet the complex and personal needs of my patient. Together we explore patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to uncover how those things impact daily life. We partner to make changes that may be necessary to reach personal goals. 

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Individual Counseling

Individual psychotherapy is provided in an intimate, safe, and private setting. The safe space is designed to help you feel comfortable and calm as we discuss your innermost, personal problems, concerns, thoughts, and feelings.


Hypnosis is offered in a peaceful, confidential space. Whether seeking hypnotherapy as an approach to end repetitive nightmares, phobias, or to alleviate anxiety, this safe space will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Couple Counseling

Sometimes relationships require a third person's perspective to provide an unbiased view of the underlying issues. Couples are supplied a large, quiet, relaxed place to reconnect with one another, with the help of a qualified and experienced mediator.