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Dr. Shari Slebodnik's Bio

Dr. Slebodnik has been providing interactive psychotherapy for the past 10+ years. Something that her patients frequently says is that they feel an "instant deep connection" with her and that "Dr. Slebodnik is very easy to talk to". The office setting is often referred to as a "friend's cozy living room" rather than a sterile, clinical space. She prides herself on the non-judgemental, casual, compassionate, and collaborative care that she gives to those who trust her with their most vulnerable, private thoughts and issues. Shari's own past struggles with grief & loss and anxiety & depression make her more empathetic & receptive to her patients' struggles. That aside, her education & passion are rooted in the treatment of Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Incest, Gender Dysphoria, & Sexual Trauma.

Dr. Slebodnik offers Phone/Skype sessions, as well as communication through text/email, as part of her practice. She utilizes Solution-Focused Therapy integrated with Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Mindful Positivity to help you heal. Shari's approach promotes the realization of irrational thoughts and allows a more rational, healthy replacement.

Dr. Shari Slebodnik is a highly sought after organizational and corporate consultant who provides staff training on issues including work/life balance, sensitivity and diversity, long-term chronic illness care, stress management, and effective multicultural communication. She has extensive experience in developing and instituting inclusion policies and practices in the corporate environment. For more information about 

Dr. Slebodnik's background, education, and experience click on the button below to view her curriculum vitae.

Dr. Slebodnik's 

Curriculum Vitae